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Chicago Public Schools Eliminate Girls’& Boys’ Restrooms

The groomers at Chicago Public Schools have invited boys into girls bathrooms, and girls into boy’s bathrooms, so  that the young girls struggling to learn how to manage the blood flow of their first periods can also have immature leering boys to worry about, and so that the young boys just becoming self-conscious of their masculinity can have the bull dyke faculty and visiting story-hour drag queens make unannounced checks periodically (there’s that word again) with them as to whether they wouldn’t rather have those pesky “toxic male” weeners cut off.

Parents of course, want to protect their children from the agendas of child groomers, so the time is now to outsmart said groomers.  The object is to teach your children the importance of maintaining and enforcing their own privacy, and if there are adults or other children who wish to violate their privacy, there are tools one can use to enforce it.  Whether the boys go in teams and rotate designated drivers to stand guard at the former boys’ rooms doors to temporarily block the entrance of, ahem, non-boys, or whether the girls go in teams and stand guard for each other in turns at the doors, there will be times when a child needs to go to the bathroom alone.

Occupied or Vacant SignIn these cases, there are tools a any child can use, even a mythical unicorn transgender child, to protect him/her/its self from intrusion by other children, and especially from the prying leering eyes of sicko adult faculty.  First is the handy backpack doorstop, so the door can be jammed from the inside while the child finishes his or her business.   And second, is the less confrontational ol’ Occupado sign (pack a roll of tape if you need it), both of which we offer wide selections.

Teach ’em young.  Children who stand up for themselves against adult bullies do better in life in the long term.

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