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How to stop activists from harassing you in public restrooms!

What happened to Senator Kirsten Sinema recently was disgusting!   Several political activists, including a man invading women’s space(!) followed her into a public restroom at Arizona State University, and heckled and harassed her while she did her business.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my life!   They claimed to want American citizenship, despite their lives of crime, including this crime, but they could not have behaved in a more un-American way.  I can’t speak for Senator Sinema, but she is my senator, and as she is speaking for me, I say, please Senator Sinema, tell them, “Hayell NO!  You did NOT win friends for your cause today!”

It is obvious that what politicians need most right now are door wedges, to protect themselves from such audacious un-American attacks,  to give them the ability to lock any door behind them, to assure their privacy when they need it most.   Make great gifts for your representatives!

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