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No, I’m not ready for a “smart toilet”. How to Outsmart it.

I can’t think of anything more intrusive or degrading than big tech sniffing my poop whenever I go.  All the articles I can find on it are very coy about describing or diagramming their proposed collector containers, cameras, or sample sticks.  When more information becomes available, of course, we will offer more ways to thwart it, but for now, the one thing they must all have in common will be the need for wifi access.  Just like your refrigerator.   Big brother wants to sniff what goes in, and sniff what comes out.   Of course, so they can then make mandates about meeting their “standards” later.    (We all know that will eventually mean nothing going in, and nothing coming out, but that is a discussion for another day.)

“Just Say No”.  Of course the day will come when it will be mandated in all new construction or house sale, so you will, of course, need a device to thwart the pooper peepers, in your “smart homes”, in your “smart hotels”, and in your “smart work places”.

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